2017 Daytona SX | Monday Kickstart

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There’s a special feeling that comes over you as you pull into the Daytona International Speedway. It’s always an unknown as to what the unique track design will bring, and the racing never disappoints. This year was yet another awesome year for the Daytona round, and as always we had our cameras on us at all times during the day. Read on for Monday Kickstart…

– Daytona Bike Week is a pretty insane atmosphere, and what better way to start it out with some Daytona Supercross? This is a staple event of our tour, and one that separates the men from the boys every year.

– Ricky Carmichael is a busy man this time of year. Between running a camp at his property in Georgia to having an integral part of the Daytona event that concludes with his Ricky Carmichael “RCSX” amateur event – you can be sure that he’ll be ready for a breather at the end!

– The points chases are tightening up as the season progresses. Did you know that just three points separate Joey Savatgy an Adam Cianciarulo for second place? Savatgy sits six points down from Zach Osborne. This could get very good…

– In the premier 450SX class, Eli continues to do what he can do make up ground and that is to win races. With the biggest opportunity to make up points due to a terrible first lap for Dungey, he maximized his points (25 for the win) while the reigning champ scrapped back to fourth in what was his most impressive ride yet this year. He now sits 17 points down.

– Cole Seely has worked his way into third in points due to Marvin Musquin’s unfortunate two week string of sub-par results. He is 28 back on Tomac, but 6 up on Musquin.

– The dirt this year was a little harder packed at the base than usual, and teams seemed to battle traction all day. Most riders elected for both standard knobby tires, but some went with a sand tire. It was a matter of preference, but we should note that Adam Cianciarulo did run a sand tire.

– Bummer deal for Jimmy Albertson, who took an unfortunate digger resulting in a trip to the local hospital. His wife Georgia updated everyone via her Instagram “After the crash yesterday in Q2, he suffered compressions and fractures on some T vertebrae, an epidural hematoma, broken/displaced sternum, clot in chest, lung contusions….and a blooming broken hand. We’re waiting to find out if/when he will have surgeries. The main thing is he can feel everything, and he never got a concussion. Jimmy’s doing good, and it sounds worse than it is…I think” Go give Jimmy some love on his Instagram: @jimmyalbertson

– The biggest news of the day came via a press conference called by MX Sports Pro Racing, after they announced their long-term extension to remain the managing partner of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship in conjunction with AMA Pro Racing. They’ve officially partnered up to work with Youthstream on bringing one MXGP round per year to the US, and also secured the 2018 Motocross of Nations here in the States. Where? They will announce once the final details are worked out, but did mention its a track in the Southeast. You can all do the math on this one, and we’re excited for what’s to come!

– Rundown of bike brands in the main events:

450 Class

Honda – 6
Suzuki – 5
KTM – 4
Kawasaki – 3
Husqvarna – 2
Yamaha – 2

250 Class
Yamaha – 8
Honda – 4
KTM – 4
Kawasaki – 4
Husqvarna – 1
Suzuki – 1