2017 Ironman MX | Monday Kickstart

Final National Recap


What a way to end the summer. The 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship came to close at the 2017 Ironman MX, the twelfth round of the series and one of the best tracks on the tour. There were plenty of storylines to follow, from the close championship to the guest appearance by MXGP’s Jeffrey Herlings to the constant talk of who will ride for what team in future seasons. Here’s a quick recap of the day…

– Eric Gass stopped by the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rig on Friday to hand over the number one plate from 2016 250 MX champion Cooper Webb. This level of respect between mechanics is always nice to see.

– The weather could not have been better. Prior events at the track have seen massive downpours and thick humidity, but temperatures stayed in the high 70s for much of the day. All in all, this was a mellow summer for the series.

– The owners of the track made a few improvements to the pit area for 2017, which included rock walkways through the paddock and a dedicated site for teams to wash in, complete with hookups and drains. Here’s hoping other tracks follow suit soon.

– A large portion of the track was taken out, which improved the flow of the circuit and eliminated some of the bigger jumps that fans have flocked to in years past.

– The “last day of school” vibe was hard to miss, as riders and team members shared their plans for what little downtime is left before testing for 2018 starts. As nice as some place tropical sounds, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than at the upcoming offseason races like the MXGP of USA, MXON, Red Bull Straight Rhythm, Monster Energy Cup, Paris SX, Geneva SX, and of course the SLAM!