2017 Minneapolis SX | Monday Kickstart

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Four thousand words covering the 2017 Minneapolis SX, the seventh round of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series. We really don’t have anything else to say, start reading…

– What’d you think of the Minnesota Vikings-inspired gear Fox Racing made for Ryan Dungey? The clothing brand had to jump through a lot of hoops to get approval for the purple threads, as KTM and Red Bull’s branding guidelines often prevent something like this from happening. Since this was Dungey’s home race, the restrictions were lifted.

– During the post-race press conference, Dungey was asked about the media responsibilities and pressure he faced over the week (1:30 and 9:00 into the video). The comments made it seem like the added engagements were somewhat of a distraction from the usual routine and that it might have had an impact on his performance through the night.

– Last bit of Dungey news. The multi-time champion has continued his support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and has started a monthly donation that can be started by texting DUNGEY to 785833. Good job, RD.

– The other hometown rider, Alex Martin, had a hell of a night. A crash in his heat race sent him to the LCQ, which he won handily over the field, but a pair of hard crashes at the start of the main event sent the Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider to the sidelines for the rest of the race. We checked in with AMart on Sunday and he told us that all was well despite the setbacks.

– For a guy that admitted issues with setup throughout the day, Joey Savatgy put in quite the ride during the night show. A start to finish run gave him the heat race win and during the main event he caught and passed old training partner Jordon Smith for the lead and eventual win. Pro Circuit’s title hopes on both coasts are looking pretty good right now.

– Jordon Smith’s riding on Saturday night was a glimpse of the potential possessed by the Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider. A few years of hard crashes have kept the young rider from making his true mark on the 250 class, but his ride in Minneapolis showed confidence and speed. He claimed second in the main event after a long, long duel with Savatgy and Osborne.

– Zach Osborne’s changed drastically in his short time with Aldon Baker. The Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider has dropped twenty pounds since last August and says his confidence is higher than ever. It’s strange to think that Osborne has never claimed a main event win, especially since he is hoping this is his last year in the 250 class, but a victory seems almost certain this season.

– Further down you’ll read about Kyle Peters and his deal with JGRMX. Depending on how he rides in Atlanta, there’s a chance he stays on a little longer. What does that mean for Matt Bisceglia? Well, the team will need someone on the West Coast to fill in for Phil Nicoletti, who is likely out for the rest of the year, so Bisceglia might just jump to the opposite coast and use the races as a warm-up for the summer Nationals.

– Marvin Musquin isn’t afraid to show anyone a wheel, even if it’s a training partner. The Red Bull KTM rider fought his way through the pack in his heat race after a crash with Cole Seely at the start, and blasted through the field again in the main event to take second place. The pass on Ryan Dungey wasn’t overly aggressive, but considering the two spend nearly every day together, it certainly raised a few eyebrows.

– Rundown of bike brands in the main events

450 Class
Suzuki – 6
KTM – 5
Honda – 5
Husqvarna – 3
Kawasaki – 2
Yamaha – 1

250 Class
Yamaha – 7
Honda – 5
Kawasaki – 4
KTM – 4
Husqvarna – 1
Suzuki – 1