2017 St. Louis SX | Monday Kickstart

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We saw a lot for a few days during the 2017 St. Louis SX, round thirteen of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Here’s the news, get after it.

– Eli Tomac was the only rider in the field, 250 and 450 class combined, to clock laps in the 49-second range. Not only did the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider do it in practice, but he did it during the main event. That’s impressive, especially considering the way the track broke down after lots of laps.

– Sounds like Joey Savatgy’s performance this year has pointed him out of the 250 class for the future. Per the AMA rulebook, “Effective with the 2007 season points, riders earning at least 135 250SX Championship points in a nine-race season, 120 250SX Championship points in an eight-race season, or 105 250SX Championship points in a seven-race season, in three seasons of 250SX competition will be ineligible for the 250SX class.” Here’s a look at his total from the last three seasons: 2015 (eight races)  – 133pts, 2016 (nine races) – 179pts, 2017 (nine races) – 146pts. His agent, JH Leale, has probably already hit the phone lines for next year.

– Attendance at the STL SX wasn’t stellar, but we have a few theories why. First off, the event took place the day before the first game of the Cardinals 2017 season, which is like religion in the Midwest. Second, this event was a day race last season. And third, it landed early in the spring, when the weather is finally improving in the region.

– We’re hearing a lot about huge change in format for Supercross next season. The international buzz has quieted, but there’s plenty of talk regarding a change to a three-moto format ala Monster Energy Cup. Stay tuned…

– Nick Schmidt was MIA due to a practice crash earlier in the week. There was talk that he broke his wrist in the crash, but other people said he could be back on the line in Seattle.

Did you see Marvin Musquin’s practice crash? Damn. Check it out.

– There’s plenty more to the Reed-Dungey duel then you might have heard on TV. During the opening ceremonies intros, Reed hinted at his sore back (heavy road rash) from the Detroit SX start and said that it happened because, “People are getting desperate.” Then came the heat race duel, which was like the Indy faceoff a few weeks back, and then Dungey’s comments on television after that. The talk continued in the post-race press conference, which you can hear in How Was Your Weekend.