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There’s a massive misconception that a job in the motocross industry means more time on the bike than the common man. Unless you manage to be an elite rider that the top brands rely on for testing input, that is. For the rest of the working public, we’re lucky to steal a few days through the month or even on a weekend. The suits in the boardroom just don’t understand how much can be accomplished through bench racing! With that in mind, we decided it was time to treat the advertisers and supporters of our publication to a private day at Perris Raceway.

Perris was an easy pick for our event. Located smack dab in the middle of the Inland Empire, the oldest operating motocross track in all of California is a quick drive from almost anywhere in SoCal. We’ve tried the far away and exotic track idea before, but it’s difficult for a guy with desk duties to justify hours of travel for a few laps on a track or worse, limited cell phone service. The crew at Perris always does an incredible job with the prep of the dirt and their layout is always fun and exciting for riders of all skills levels.

So once the invitation was sent out, we went to work on making this a special event with and for our friends. A few motorcycle manufacturers agreed to bring fleets of prepped test bikes and staff for anyone to try out, which was a first for us, and brands were free to showcase their latest products to others in the pits and some even offered full demonstrations of goggles, helmets, drinks, and parts. We put in a massive order for custom T-shirts and hats that were given away as gifts for everyone on site but had something special up our sleeve for the grand finale.

The morning was fueled by dozens of donuts from one of our secret San Diego County spots, while Weinerschnitzel and Pizza Port provided afternoon food and refreshments with hot dogs and ice cold beer. In between laps on the speedy circuit, we caught up with old friends and new pals all at once. Some relationships date back decades, while others were forged for the very first time over corndogs or Chronic Ale, and we all knew that a common love of two-wheels was what brought us together.

As the end of the day drew near, we announced the big news. After telling everyone to drop a business card in a bucket for a raffle, one lucky winner was awarded an electric pellet BBQ from the fine folks at Traeger Grills. The massive rack for roasting looked so inviting that we had to fight the urge run to the local meat market for last-minute carne asada!

It’s easy to get caught up in numbers and hustle of work, and it’s no different in the motocross industry. We’re all going for the same goal, to build our respective brands and the sport as a whole, but there are instances when the hours of effort outweigh the few moments of enjoyment. So for our friends that managed to join us a for a few motos, we hope you enjoyed it all. And to those that didn’t come, it’s time to clear out your calendar. We promise to do this all again soon!

From the entire staff of TransWorld Motocross,  thank you to everyone in the industry for your work and the support you give to our brand. See you at the track!