A few weeks ago, we headed to the hills after a few days of rain with a collection of talented riders in search of some epic shots for the pages of Transworld Motocross. Along for the ride were whip throwing extraordinaries Tyler Bereman and Axell Hodges, local phenom Colby Raha, No Namers king Vinnie Carbone, recent Loretta Lynn’s champ Arik Swan and FMX pioneer Jeremy “Twitch” Sternberg. Some of these guys may not have the same notable reputation as say Twitch or Hodges, but they can throw down with the best.

Every one of these riders bring their own skills and talents to the table, as each one excels in their own unique way. After utilizing every ounce of sunlight we could muster for our cameras, we headed back to have a sit down conversation with “Twitch” to get his take on each of the riders to hear about each of their unique talents, and this is what he had to say…

Vinnie Carbone
“Vinnie is gnarly. Vinnie is hands down the most dedicated free-rider I know. He’s down to shovel anything, whether it takes him a couple of hours or a month straight. He’ll sculpt jumps until they’re absolutely perfect. Honestly, I have to give it up to Vin because if it wasn’t for him these riding spots wouldn’t be as good as they are. He’s an absolute perfectionist when it comes to shoveling a new jump! He puts so much effort into everything we build and he takes pride in seeing everyone having a good time. It would blow your mind how picky he is, but it’s all for a good cause because we really have some incredible riding locations thanks to him. Plus, he’s an advocate for educating people about the importance of preserving these riding spots, respecting the land and respecting other riders, as well.”

Axell Hodges
“Man, that kid has so much talent I don’t even think he knows how gifted of a rider he is. I think Axell is the face of the next generation of young, talented riders. The kid can absolutely rip on a racetrack, too thanks to his background in racing, which is undoubtedly where all of his talent began to develop. I really do believe that he is the future of free-riding!”

Tyler Bereman
“Axell and Tyler Bereman are on similar levels of talent, but the only difference is that Bereman gets hurt sometimes because he’s always sending it more than anyone else. Bereman also manifested his talents as a racer, but sometimes the dude doesn’t have an off switch; he’s always on when he’s on his bike. Whether the jump sucks or it’s in perfect condition, you’re always going to get the same outcome from Bereman; a jaw-drop. Axell and Tyler are bad dudes, and I love watching them ride.”

Arik Swan
“I’ve only known Swan for a few years, but he is one of the raddest dudes to ride in the hills with. The dude loves to shovel some jumps and he enjoys putting on those safety meetings. He just brings that, “I’m here to have fun” vibe with him wherever he goes. Someone could be in bad mood and Swan will be the guy to put things into perspective. Not to mention he’s a super talented guy that’s down to hit whatever jump there is. That dude is underrated.”

Colby Raha
“I’ve known Raha for years because he’s good friends with Scummy, who I’m also good friends with. Scummy always used to tell me how badass this Colby Raha kid was on a dirt bike. Raha has mad talent even on a bicycle. The last few weeks is when I finally got a chance to ride with the kid, and he’s really impressed me. I feel like he’ll be another one of those kids that’ll be the future of the sport. He has so much fun whenever he’s on the bike and he has endless style and skill to go along with it. He’ll go out in the hills and put in the work with Vinnie during the summer when its 110 degrees outside. Raha is down to put in the work, and I have nothing bust respect for him and all of these guys that I get to ride with.”

-Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg