October 28th 2015 was the day of our final film session for TransWorld Motocross PREMIX, and we were fortunate enough to spend it with Sean Collier and the newly retired Josh Hill at 212 Land. The Boulevard, California, facility has one of the most impressive outdoor-style track layouts in SoCal, as it is stretches around several natural hills and features some of the best soil that we’ve encountered. With that said, throw in a couple 500 two-strokes headed up by two insanely talented motocross riders and you have yourself a good day in the works. We put this photo gallery together to get you through the workday, so have a look when your boss isn’t looking.

Photos | Casey Davis @air_d617

Memorable Moments From The Day:

  • The early morning trip down to 212 Land was actually a bit of a trek, as it is seemingly feet away from the Mexican border, but it was all worth it upon seeing the track for the first time. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get back down there to spin some laps.
  • We filmed with Collier just days after the release of his “controversial” episode of Spectrum, which ultimately lead to him being dropped by a few of his sponsors – one of which being FMF. Essentially, this was the first day that anyone would see a hand-made cone pipe from Bill’s Pipes bolted to his legendary Kawasaki KX500. Talk about eye candy!
  • The Service Honda CR500AF that GEICO Honda’s Christian Craig rode during his part in PREMIX is the same bike that Hill rode for his part in the film.
  • The sound of those 500s ripping around the hillsides of 212 Land was something that many people wouldn’t forget, and we’re going to include ourselves in that category. It was the sound of the 90s!
  • About halfway through the day, our Service Honda began to have some electrical problems, as it nearly ended Hill’s day due to a cut-out in the motor just before a jump, but swap was able to correct the problem. However it didn’t come without another issue, as gas managed to splash into Swap’s eyes upon reinstalling the gas tank. Thankfully, he was alright and he even finished filming.
  • Another problem arose, but this time with Collier’s bike and a little more comical. While on the track, the gas tank cracked just around the edge of the gas cap splashing fuel all over Collier’s pants. Every once in a while he would have to go back to his van to try to clean up the mess because he said it was starting to burn his manhood.
  • Brandon Dunn of Bill’s Pipes did everything he could think of to try to stop the gas from splashing everywhere. A number of items were used in an attempt to stop the leaky fuel tank including a pair of Latex gloves, but you’ll have to use your imagination with that one.
  • Probably one of our favorite shots was a tight, left hand bowl corner just over the top of the hill where the giant wind turbines are visible in the background. Those were a nice touch because it’s not everyday that you get to see those up close.
  • Overall, this was probably one of our favorite film trips for PREMIX thanks to the incredible location and amazing riders.