Culmination | A1

By Mike Emery

culmination |kəlmənāSHən|
noun [ in sing. ]
the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time

In very few words, last weekend’s season opener was simply one of the most explosive nights of racing we’ve witnessed in a long time. The perfect storm came through and kept industry professionals and fans on their toes as weather patterns and forecasts changed hourly, finally breaking to sunlight that allowed perfect track conditions to ensue. The barrage of talent on hand, the hours of preparation put in, the emotions that can’t be contained, and one stadium packed with fans were just ingredients to this perfect recipe of racing. There was something in the air, and the season opener went off like an explosion at Angel Stadium. It was time to race again, and this Saturday night under the lights was a culmination of the months leading up to that moment. The gates dropped, the final checkers flew, the glory was taken, and the memories will never fade. View a timestamped slideshow of this night in January known only as “Anaheim One.”

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Tunnel A | 10:30am

Christian Craig |  12:09pm

KTM Mechanics | 12:27pm

Trey Canard | 12:40pm

Justin Barcia | 12:43pm

Chad Reed |  12:47pm

Cooper Webb | 1:51pm

Cole Seely | 6:16pm

James Stewart | 6:28pm

Jeremy McGrath | 6:30pm

Ken Roczen | 6:35pm

Trevor Carmichael | 7:12pm

Eli Tomac | 7:29pm

Ken Roczen | 7:48pm

Trey Canard | 7:52pm

Mitchell Harrison | 8:09pm

Erica Nagashima | 8:17pm

Ryan Dungey | 8:29pm

250 Main Event | 9:00pm

Cooper Webb | 9:07pm

Mechanics Row | 9:10pm

Cooper Webb | 9:16pm

James Stewart | 9:41pm

450 Main Event Restart | 9:43pm

Justin Barcia | 9:47pm

Chad Reed | 10:02pm

Jason Anderson | 10:04pm

Jason Anderson | 10:06pm

Jason Anderson | 10:13pm

Culmination | A1

January 9th, 2016 | Angel Stadium | Anaheim, CA

By Mike Emery

All Photos Copyright TransWorld Motocross 2016