Tom White's Early Years of Motocross Museum

Tom White’s Early Years of Motocross Museum

Have you ever been to a museum? From what we can remember as a child, museum’s were oftentimes these boring places our parents or schools drug us to, in an effort to pound information into our heads. Every once in a while, though, these buildings of stored information and artifacts would pique our interest, just like Tom White’s Early Year of Motocross museum. Although we can’t relay every bit of information from the more than 150 bikes Tom White has in his private museum; what we can do is share with you the images. We could’ve spent hours drooling over each piece of machinery and memorabilia, but unfortunately, our time was limited. If only our parents or schools took us here…

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To hear Tom White talk about each one of his prized possessions, check out the video we did, too!