Flattered: Sticking Like Glue To Flat Corners With Billy Laninovich

”This flat corner on our test track was very slippery, as you can see from all of those sliding tire marks just to the inside of me. I am coming in from a fast straightaway before, so I need to slow down quickly, but also be careful not to slide out, because it’s slick! I do all of my downshifting before sitting, and as I begin turning I am on both brakes with about equal pressure. Once I enter the corner, I take my inside leg off of the peg for balance, (#1; DIRECTLY ABOVE INSIDE BOOT, NOT AS HIGH AS KNEE) but at the same time keep my inside knee gripping hard against the shroud for more bike control. (#2, ABOVE INSIDE KNEE, BUT BELOW HANDLEBAR)

“On the other side, my right foot is putting pressure on the peg underneath, once again giving me more control of the bike. (#3; OUTSIDE FOOTPEG) As for my upper body, I shift my body towards the outside to keep balance, but also keep my weight forward on the seat to weight the front wheel. (#4; WAISTLINE LEVEL, ON OUTSIDE) I place more emphasis on my outside shoulder and arm; this is the side that is steering and controlling the bike. (#5; ABOVE OUTSIDE TRICEP) Lastly, I keep my head looking as far up and into the corner as I can. (#6; ANYWHERE ABOVE OR TO THE SIDE OF HELMET) Be easy on the gas coming out, and that’s all there is to it!