With the new season of Nitro Circus just around the corner, we thought we would drop in on the boys while they wrapped up their final hours of shooting for this upcoming season. At one of the creepiest areas of Riverside, CA, we have ever experienced, we met up with the Circus as they put on, well, a circus. Complete with a sword swallower, gorilla man, and even an elephant, the Nitro Circus took their name to heart. Travis Pastrana, still pretty banged up from X Games, had his Ring Master attire on, while Andy Bell and Erik Roner sported some rather unappealing skin-tight garb and Jim DeChamp took on clown duties. Streetbike Tommy was left with a bucket of silver latex paint and some dryer exhaust hose for his costume as a baby elephant. Impressed? So were we.

Check out some of the photos from the day. And if you haven’t watched the trailer for the second season, you need to CLICK HERE

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