HOW TO: Submitting Your Photos and Videos to TWMX

Before you submit anything to us, be sure you’ve read and agreed to our Subscriber and Member agreement.

If you’d like to submit your photos or video, please read the guidelines below. The better you can follow these instructions, the more likely your stuff will be posted here at TWMX. Thanks in advance!

Email all photos and videos to


• Simply write “PHOTO” in the subject line of the e-mail.

• Set all images to 72dpi.

• Send files as JPG images (.jpg, .jpeg, .JPG … all of these are the same and will work fine).

• Size the shot to 1000px wide.

• If the image is smaller than the above, DO NOT send it. Wait until you have a better quality image to send.

• Screenshots from video will not be accepted.

• Photos with copyright information or other “watermarks” on them will not be accepted. You must have rights to send the photo.

• Include all necessary information including the rider’s name, photographer’s name, the trick and location.

• If you would like to write your own caption, include that in the e-mail. However, there are no guarantees that we will use it.


• Simply write “VIDEO” in the subject line of the e-mail.

• When compressing videos, export video as “Quicktime Movie” using the “Broadband – Medium” setting. This will size the video to the proper dimensions, make the file size small enough for a quick download and allows the video to begin playing before the entire thing loads.

• If you are just sending in one clip such as a crash, you may send the full quality .AVI file.

Thanks! We look forward to seeing your photos and videos and sharing them on