Yesterday, James Stewart invited TransWorld MX out to document his first day of riding in his new Answer Racing gear, Alpinestars boots and Bell helmet. Per our gentleman’s agreement, we waited to debut Bubba’s new look until today at noon. Enjoy!

What do you think of Stewart’s new kit? Comment below, or prop this video of you like it! Photos by Brendan Lutes, Dave Kania, and Donn Maeda. Video by Donn Maeda.

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James Stewart Contest!

We hooked up with San Manuel’s James Stewart for a photo shoot on New Year’s Day, and Bubba was cool enough to hook us up with a couple items to give away in a contest!

So, how do you win? Here’s the scoop: the jersey and the helmet will be two separate prizes, awarded to the viewer who posts our favorite User Generated Photos.

The Bell Moto 8 helmet will be awarded to the User who posts the best action photo of himself/herself between January 1 and January 15. To enter, you’ll have to register as a user and create a screen name. Then, post your photo, along with a short, descriptive caption of what’s going on in the photo. Be sure to add “Stewart Contest” in the TAGS section, so that your photo will be easy to find in that category. On January 15, we’ll gather the 10 photos that have the most PROP points, print them out, and show them to Bubba at Anaheim 2, so that he can pick the photo he likes best.

The Answer Racing jersey, meanwhile, will be awarded to the User who posts the best “Amateur TWMX pin up” photo. That’s right; we’re going there! Same directions apply, only this time, do your best to create your own TransWorld MX poster. We’ll find the 10 entries with the most props, print them out, and show them to James at Anaheim 2 so that he can pick the winner.

So what are you waiting for? Get to shooting and posting! And remember, since the first part of these contests rely on PROP points, be sure to get your friends to log on and prop your pic!


1) UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO. You must be registered and logged in to upload photos. Register Here
2) Give it a title and caption and don’t forgot to TAG IT “Stewart Contest”.
3) HAVE YOUR FRIENDS PROP IT. Remember only the ten top Prop’d images are considered, so work your social networks and get it prop’d.

You can see all the photos here: