Jeremy McGrath | TWMX Premix Gallery

Photos By Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

What’s a great way to kick off the week? How about an entire gallery of photos from our day of shooting with Jeremy McGrath for TransWorld Motocross Premix? This shoot happened back in October of 2015 and we held on to a bunch of the images for our feature in the magazine. Now that it has all been released, feast your eyes on a gallery from the day. McGrath grew up racing Barona Oaks on two-strokes, so for him the shoot brought him full circle. We all had a good time, and if you’ve seen TransWorld Motocross Premix then you already know!

Cool things to note from the day:

-McGrath hadn’t ridden a two-stroke in quite some time, and was excited to get after it. He was taking cell phone videos of the premix burning out of the silencer, and very anxious to ride it.

-Tire pressure? That was overlooked in the shuffle, and after his first laps he mentioned, “I need to check the pressure in the tires, they feel off.” Once he saw they were 32 psi he laughed and mentioned that could be the difference.

-Jeremy handled putting all the graphics and seat cover on himself prior to the shoot, a task that many riders would shy away from.

-It rained really hard a couple days before our scheduled private shoot, and most of the track was ok. The lower section of Barona, however, was a mud pit. That was right where Jeremy headed after we finished filming our segments, and he rode a wheelie right through it all in the name of fun.

-Shooting the wheelie photo down the back straightaway was a highlight. He was so pumped on holding the wheelie over that roller double that he looped around after and yelled, “Did you see me manual that whole thing!?” You could just tell he was having as much fun as we were shooting it.

-Service Honda supplied this immaculate bike, and you can check out their amazing creations at HERE if you fancy yourself an aluminum framed Kawasaki KX250.

-“The Dogger” Ron Lechein was on hand to make sure Jeremy mixed his premix properly, and it was cool to see them hang out and talk old school.

Watch a bonus re-edit we put up HERE.

Get a wallpaper of the wheelie shot HERE.

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