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Photos by Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

Sometimes I think about how many photos I shoot and how many don’t ever see the light of day. Sure, the magazine features come out and we make them into online features often as well, but there are always a ton of unseen shots that don’t make the cut. That being said, earlier this year I headed up to Portland for The One Moto Show to have some good times with rad people. The second day of the trip I made plans to hit various spots in Portland with Jimmy Hill, beginning with the show itself, and we got a handful of great images that are really fun to look back on. Those images eventually became our FREEride feature, but there were so many leftover shots that I figured a gallery is fitting. Peep some Portland Urban and then get out and get some…

Notable things I remember:

  • Jimmy riding around The One Moto Show was hilarious, and people heard the “zzzziiiiipp!” of the Alta and immediately had funny looks of confusion on their faces.
  • He blew out the air forks from all the launch ramp flat landings that he had to change them out in the parking lot. The photos are in there.
  • The people living in the van that were watching him wheelie up the sidewalk said, “We’re drug addicts. We just wanted to let you know that.” Ok then…
  • We poached all these locations and not one person was the wiser. That’s what I call a success!