The Dirty Details Of The 2018 Glen Helen Motocross

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After a thrilling opening weekend in Northern California, the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship ventured south for the second race of the series, the 2018 Glen Helen Motocross. This round is unlike any other, as its location in the mecca of motocross that is SoCal means riders and teams have spun hundreds of laps at the circuit in preparation for the summer ahead. But when it’s time for the National, the track crew pulls out all of the stops for a layout that requires equal parts skill and balls to succeed on. Yeah, there was a lot of concern in the days leading up to the race about the borderline idiotic 100 foot plus jumps that were built in the back portion of the track, but common sense prevailed and the leaps were cut down for race day. We prowled the pits and hillsides for two days to take note of the happenings for this recap and plenty more news will come out through the week as our legs recover from the elevation. Can’t wait for that? Hit that blue text up top for our previous posts. For now, here’s Kickstart…