Photo Of The Day | March 15th 2017

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In between races, we took some time to browse our hard drives and look at photos taken throughout the year. We'll highlight each shot in a daily post, with the image sized to fit your computer screen or smartphone and described with a small backstory…

I've been shooting the TWMXRS since it came to life back in 2012 and although the series has seen a lot changes over the years, the one thing that hasn't changed is its popularity. It seems like just yesterday we were showing up to Perris Raceway for the first ever TWMXRS round only to discover that the series had gained more attention than we had ever expected. I can say with confidence that up until that point in time, I had never seen so many racers at the Perris, CA facility.
The popularity of the series continues to grow today, as this past weekend was spent at Cahuilla Creek MX for round four of the 2017 El Dorado Series with a total of 547 race entrants! The series has also gained some notoriety over the years thanks to the multitude of talent that's lined up to do battle including Jeremy McGrath, Cooper Webb and Jessy Nelson. We've even expanded the amount of racing throughout the year by adding the Mini Major and Trans Am to the ongoing schedule, which have become a huge hit. If you haven't already made it out to a TWMXRS round yet and you'd like to know more about the series, click here for more information on the fastest growing amateur motocross series in So.Cal.

Photo Information
Photographer | Casey Davis
Camera | Canon EOS 7D MKII
Lens | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM
Shutter Speed | 1/2500s
Aperture | f/4.5
ISO | 320