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In between races, we took some time to browse our hard drives and look at photos taken throughout the year. We'll highlight each shot in a daily post, with the image sized to fit your computer screen or smartphone and described with a small backstory…

With our 2017 TWMX Mini Major kicking off tomorrow (practice is also today!), I was looking through some images from last year thinking about the good ol’ days of being a little mini racer. I would always go down to the line about 5 races early, be a ball of nerves the entire time, but one thing always remained at the end of the day – I was stoked when I left the track. One of the best parts of being a racer is that moment before you first hit the track in the morning. Your bike is all clean, your gear is fresh, your energy levels are high, and the day is about to be rad. This shot was of one of those moments, with some nice light shining through the two-stroke smoke. I can’t wait to shoot the future of our sport these next three days!

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Photographer | Mike Emery
Camera | Nikon D4s
Lens | Nikon 300mm f2.8
Shutter Speed | 1/1250
Aperture | 4.0
ISO | 160
Flash | Not Used