Photo Of The Day | September 1st 2017

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In between races, we took some time to browse our hard drives and look at photos taken throughout the year. We'll highlight each shot in a daily post, with the image sized to fit your computer screen or smartphone and described with a small backstory…

A lot goes into a championship-winning motorcycle, and you can count on any detail that you can think of on Eli Tomac’s race bike being meticulously maintained year-round. Eli Tomac’s motorcycle is a reliable work of art, maintained by his mechanic Brian Kranz and the team of people employed by Monster Energy Kawasaki. This shot of the engine just shows how much bling is involved, but the real bling came when they mounted the #1 plate on at Ironman Raceway. Congratulations to Eli and the team on a hard-faught championship this summer. I look forward to watching him throw down this weekend at the MXGP of USA in Florida.

Photographer | Mike Emery
Camera | Nikon D4s
Lens | Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
Shutter Speed | 1/250
Aperture | 5.0
ISO | 50
Flash | Two Off-Camera Strobes