Photos and Words by Mike Emery



What do you get when you mix up a grassroots company of motorcycle enthusiasts that love coffee, racing, shenanigans, and now branded collaboration gear releases with Fox? The answer would be one big crew of stoked See See Motor Coffee Co individuals that jumped at the chance to see Ken Roczen debut the release in front of a packed Oakland crowd. If you saw Ken Roczen’s gear during the night show then you know what I’m referencing, and this unique old-school inspired collaboration will be for sale this upcoming weekend on display at The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon. More on that later this week when it releases, but until then lets dive into a day of photos through my Fujifilm Instax camera while I tagged along with See See’s Thor Drake and the gang in Oaktown as they celebrated one of the sport’s biggest stars racing with their logo onboard.

Suite Shenanigans. | Oakland SX, See See-Style.

Day Moves

The day began earlier than most would want to even wake up, as the day schedule had riders and industry folk walking the track at 7:30am. Strolling the pits, chatting high-speed mods with GEICO Honda’s technical director Kristian Kibby, and watching practice took up the morning while the fine folks at O.Co Coliseum prepped the box suite that would host the night’s festivities. If you’ve ever seen the style of See See’s stuff, you’ll understand they are out for fun at all times. When it comes to a box suite, that means life-sized cardboard cutouts, electric shock games of reaction time, and as much food and adult beverages as anyone can handle.

There’s nothing like a good day at the races. | Oakland SX, 2018.

Watching their guy Roczen almost win the main event was the highlight, but the whole event was a blast. The racing this year has been next level in both classes, and you can find all that information HERE. Because we don’t like to call it a done deal at the checkers, our night didn’t end there…

Night Moves

Being as I used to live in Oakland/Berkeley area for five years, I suggested The Kingfish when the crew asked where the party should head to next. The oldest bar in the city, it’s the best little bar that was (believe it or not) moved across the street a few years ago after they threatened it’s location. The entire bar was moved in one piece and looks the same inside as it always did, with a big addition to the back – highly recommended f you are in town and looking to quench your thirst. Shuffleboard games, sticker slaps, shit-talk, and good laughs were on the agenda to wrap up the night and we called it good after winning every single game our crew entered, ever. See See Motor Coffee Co to the Olympics for shuffleboard? Stay tuned for more news as this breaking story develops! Thanks for reading…

Welome to The Kingfish / Oakland, CA

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