Some say a revolution is coming, but many may attest to that it's already here. The popularity of two-strokes is on the rise after nearly fading into the abyss a decade ago, and almost everywhere you now look, you're finding custom bike builds dedicated to the premix-burning faithful. Tony Jeske of Jeske MX Customs has built some of the wildest-looking motocross machinery we've ever had the privilege of seeing in person, so when he and his Idaho-based company said they had another special project in the works, one which he referred to as "The Executioner," we were all ears!

Jeske's professional career as a race mechanic began back in 2003 after graduating from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and after several years working for some of the sport's brightest stars, he felt he had more to offer than just building race bikes or sitting behind a desk. "I wanted to do things differently," he says. "I wanted to do things my way and offer services that not many people do. I didn't want to be the normal race-service guy, and that's where the idea of building custom dirt bikes came into play. I felt like with knowledge and training that I had, plus with the creative side that I was never able to get out, I could do it. The whole idea of Jeske MX Customs was to do something bold—a rebellion to the norm. I wanted my customers' bikes to be a part of who they are. If they want something crazy, we can build it; if they want something simple, we can do that, too—from tire changes to basic service and maintenance to building the bike of your dreams that you never thought was possible."


Tony Jeske, owner and founder of Jeske MX Customs.

"I'm not chopping bikes up and making something crazy out of fabrication," Jeske clarifies. "I want to utilize the manufacturer's R&D and build off that platform. It doesn't take much to powder-coat a frame and swingarm or anodize other parts, it's just the out-of-the-box thinking of how I can make a bike different—how I can make it kick ass! When you look at the bike on the stand, I want it to look angry; I want it to look pissed off. That's ultimately the impression you want to leave. But I'm also not going to build something just to be a showpiece—I want it to perform. Performance always comes first."
So what was his special project? A brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-crate 2015 Yamaha YZ250, ready to be ripped apart and transformed into something that only Jeske could think up. "Kyle Moose from VP Racing Fuels contacted me and wanted to build a bike as a Christmas present for his father," Jeske explains. "He's a diehard two-stroke guy and had his eye on the YZ250, and Kyle wanted to surprise him with the build. We talked it through, and between the two of us we wanted to build it like a factory race bike. It doesn't have the titanium on it or anything like that, and we kept to a budget, but we really tricked it out, and that's what made this bike what it is. From start to finish, it took about a month, and I was really stoked with the process and the outcome. Plus to have a guy like Billy Laninovich ride it before we shipped it off was really special to me. There's a revolution coming with the two-stroke. People don't want to see it go away. I think it's such a bitchin' bike no matter what the manufacturer. It's just that sound! When you build one and it's just crisp, it fires people up!"

Longtime pro Billy Laninovich was the first to put The Executioner through its paces, making the freshly-built YZ250 bark around the main track at Pala Raceway.

The Build

"Once we received the bike, the initial stages of a build are most important where I go to the drawing board and finalize a vision of what I think would be fitting and what the customer wants," Jeske explains. "In this case, it was a spinoff of an older factory Yamaha YZ250. Kyle wanted keep that in mind, so I had what I needed to complete the vision, but I had to ride it first! I couldn't help myself—a brand new 2015 YZ250 in the shop to transform into an idea I dubbed The Executioner. It brought a grin to my face to hear it in stock form, a familiar sound that we don't hear enough. So I put my son on it with me and we rode it down the streets [laughs]. I loved it and he loved it, and that was it. After our ride, I put it on the stand in the shop and began ordering parts before tearing it down the next day.”


"Transforming a bike into something that's featured in TransWorld Motocross takes hours upon hours of work, dedication, and commitment to the outcome. Once the parts were finalized and ordered, everything was disassembled. The suspension was sent off, and the engine was split and parts were sent out for finish processing and motor work. Cases were cleaned and buffed, the transmission was prepped, etcetera. The brakes were torn down for the JMXC Works Edition treatment, as well as updated brake lines.”The chassis parts—the frame, swingarm, and linkage—were cleaned, buffed, and serviced and then set aside. Once all of the engine parts were received, the engine build begins. Upon completion of the engine and after all of the remaining parts are delivered, it's on me to get the bike ready for assembly—prepping things like the plastic, Pro Launch, rear-end, clamps, wheels, brakes, controls, electrical, carb work, etcetera. With all of that complete, the bike build could begin.”

"The actual build happened in a matter of hours, and then the bike was perched on the stand just begging to be started! With this bike, I first had to take a few minutes and just look at it, with a moment of thinking, ‘I just built that?’  And then, ‘Hell yea I did!’ And then I started the SHIT out of it!!!  It was exciting hearing it bark for the first time.

"It's very rewarding to see and hear the outcome right then and there where it all started as a stock YZ250. It began with a vision and a meaning, to do something different; build something different—the Jeske MX Customs Standard."



Parts And Services

Jeske MX Customs Services

– Full Build: Hot Rod Combo #1
– Engine: "Next Level" Dress-Up Package
– Brakes: "Works Edition" Package
– Chassis: "Race Spec"
– JMXC Detail Work

Suspension Work

– Revalve performed by Dave Cruz
– Custom colors for upper tubes and body along with
accents and DLC lower tubes and shock shaft

VP Racing Fuels                       
– T2 Fuel

Bills Pipes                                  

– Cylinder and head work
– MX2 Cone Look pipe
– JMXC custom-colored MX2 silencer

Throttle Jockey                         
– Torque Graphics

SDG USA                                   

– Seat cover

Works Connection                    
– Elite Clutch Perch
– Pro Launch start device
– Skid Plate
– Hour Meter
– Radiator braces
– Oil Fill Plug
– Axel Blocks
– Brake Reservoir Caps

Pro Taper                                     
– Fuzion bars, Windham bend
– Single Density Half Waffle grips
– MX front sprocket, MX RS rear sprocket, 14/50
– Aluminum throttle tube

RK Racing Chain                      
– 520 MXZ4BP

Hammerhead Designs               
– Forged Shift Lever
– CNC Brake pedal, Titanium Tip

RAD Manufacturing USA         
– Signature Series Wheel Set
– JMXC Hubs
– D.I.D LT-X rims
– RAD Heavy Duty spokes and nipples

Moto Stuff                                   
– Blade Braking System 280 mm front rotor
– Pro-Lite 250 mm rear rotor
– Steel Braided Brake Lines
– Pro Pegs Titanium Foot Pegs
– Aluminum fasteners (engine and body)
– Aluminum banjo bolts

– Silicone Hose Kit
– Temperature Strip

– Cycralite Front Fender
– Factory Disc Cover
– Fork Guards
– Stadium Number Plate
– Powerflow Rear Fender

– Geomax MX32, 110/90-19 (rear), 80/100-21 (front)

Nihilo Concepts                       
– Yamaha YZ 125/250 Frame Grip Tape
– Radiator Louver Graphics

XTRIG (via Technical Touch)
– XTRIG ROCS triple clamps
– Preload Adjuster

Race Tech Titanium                
– Titanium brake rotor bolts

Athena USA                              
– Complete Gaskets Kit

Wiseco Performance Parts       
– Single Ring Race Piston

Moto Tassinari                          
– VForce3 Reed Valve Kit

Hinson Clutch Components     
– Complete clutch assembly

DT1 Filters                                  
– DT-1 Dual Layer Foam Air Filter

Evans Waterless                         
– Evans Powersports Waterless Engine Coolant