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Photos | James Mellinger

Over the weekend the custom motorcycle crowd gathered again for The One Show, a three-day event centered around bikes in Portland, Oregon. Organized by our good friend Thor Drake of See See Motor Coffee Co, the event is part exhibit/part race/part concert and has become a must-do trip for those with one of a kind pieces of equipment. The show has grown tremendously over the last few years thanks to support from eager enthusiasts, industry sponsors, and the PDX art community. Motocross has certainly noticed the show and we spotted a few dirt bikes in the gallery, including an incredible Yamaha YZ 125 by Tony Jeske.

While bikes are always the focus of the show, other elements are just as popular, like the 21 Helmets, where twenty-one artists are given blank Bell Bullit lids and given free reign to display their creativity. Why have a bike if you’re not going to race it? Flat track racing has surged in popularity in the northwest and for one night the group moved over to the Salem Speedway for a run of motos on the indoor short track.

While we couldn’t attend in person this year, photographer James Mellinger snapped a bitchin’ gallery from the weekend and sent it our way. If this kind of thing is up your alley, start planning for a trip to Portland next year. The One Show is held around Valentines Day weekend each year, so mark your calendar and buy a steel shoe for the dirt track racing.