Over this past weekend, we got the chance to take a spot on the Rockstar/Metal Mulisha tour bus and tag along for three stops of the 2009 Rockstar Mayhem Festival—Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Denver. At each stop, the Mulisha riders put on three jump demos while heavy metal bands played on two outdoor stages. Then when the sun went down, the crowd funneled into an amphitheater to watch Slayer and Marilyn Mansion on the main stage. There’s a lot that goes into putting a tour like this on than people might think and it was truly a crazy experience getting to be a part of it for three stops. If you’re interested in checking it out, go to www.mayhemfest.com to get more info on the rest of the tour dates and locations. Here are some photos from the trip, but be sure to check out an upcoming issue of TransWorld Motocross for a full feature.