Trey Canard Back in the Saddle

Swap is en route back to California after spending a couple days filming for Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Trey Canard joined in on the fun today, and was taking it easy as it was only his fourth day back on the bike. We thought we’d share a couple quick photos from the shoot… Enjoy!

Justin "Don't Call It Leg Swag" Bogle threw plenty of his trademark Granny Smith Turndowns. Sorry, Deano, but we think he's got you covered...


Brett Cue was hanging out today, and throwing some pretty impressive whips!

Trey spent the majority of the day on his turn track, going both ways on the course to sharpen his "rusty" skill set.


He couldn't resist joining in on the fun, though, after watching Cue crack off whip after whip...


It's great to see you back in the saddle again, Trey!


Stay tuned to for Coffee With…Trey Canard.

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