Tuesday Tip: Arm Pump Overview

Ever wonder how some riders can stay on their bikes for what seems like forever, while some of us get arm pump as we gaze at our bikes while they sit on their stands? We asked Alan Gerkey from All Pro MX Fitness for a quick list of his top-line causes of arm pump (and simple potential ways to avoid it), and here’s what he came up with:

Bike and suspension set up—basically try to elminate anything that doesn’t allow you to ride relaxed on the bike. Gripping with your knees will take a lot of the weight off your arms and will help you relax your grip.


Recreational riders may suffer from this problem more often, and riding more often than once a week can help to keep the muscles working properly.

When you’re in the gym, make sure not to use weights that are too heavy while doing pulling movements, or lifting heavy weights that cause you to build excessive grip strength.

Warming up before you ride and slowly picking up your pace during your practice sessions will also help.

Staying properly hydrated will help your muscles function properly.

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