Tuesday Tip: Be Flexible!

This week’s tip comes from Northern California’s Steve Mertens, who has been putting in solid rides in the 125cc West coast supercross rounds aboard his YZ250F, and it’s a reminder to stretch regularly. “I try to stretch every morning, every night, and before I ride to keep me limber and help prevent injury.” That extra flexibility proved advantageous during the 125cc main at the third round of the AMA Supercross series. Steve clipped a jump that kicked him over the bars and into the face of a triple. While he ended up extremely sore afterward, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.


Steve’s program includes stretches before practice sessions and his races, working his legs, hamstrings, and arms. He pays particular attention to his upper thighs because, “I’ve injured muscles there in the past while dragging my leg while coming out of corners.”


If you’re just starting to stretch, take your time and go easy. Just like workouts in the gym, it’s better to ease into it (and do it regularly) rather than overdoing it and injuring yourself.