Tuesday Tip: Bike Setup for Tall Riders

Motocross riders come in all shapes and sizes, but as you know, the manufacturers produce bikes for the “average” rider. This means riders that are shorter, taller, heavier, or lighter than “average” will have to do some tweaking to their steed when they pick it up from the showroom.

Along those lines, we recently received an email in the TWMX.com inbox from Mike C. in Chandler, Arizona asking about setting up a bike for taller riders. Of course, when we think of tall motocross riders, the first person that comes to mind is Travis Preston. So while in Houston for Supercross this weekend, we talked with Preston’s mechanic, Shawn Ulikowski, to see what he does to keep Travis’ Sobe No Fear/Samsung Mobile/Honda CRF450R dialed in. Take it away, Shawn...

1. Taller Seat
The first thing when setting up a bike for a tall rider is the seat. For years Travis has ran a taller seat. That’s a big thing he likes.

2. Bar Height
Next is bar height. We run a taller bar and bar mounts compared to other riders. Our setup is a few millimeters taller than the average guy. The bars are like a Kevin Windham bend.

3. Foot Pegs
We don’t change any foot peg setup or anything like that. We don’t have access to that stuff, although some of the factories do. We basically run a production bracket and peg setup.

4. Subframe
A lot of guys cut their subframe down, but we run a standard height subframe. Again, this helps keep the seat height taller.

5. Levers
We move Travis’ levers out a little bit, ’cause he’s got bigger hands.

6. Suspension
Of course, since Travis is a bigger guy, we run our suspension stiffer the average rider.

That’s about it. It’s all pretty basic.