Tuesday Tip: Blitzkrieg Bop…Charging Through Whoops

With Team Rockstar/Suzuki/Bill’s Pipes’ Mike Brown

Photos: Garth Milan

“There is nothing harder than a set of peaked whoops, but with Supercross season here again, there’s also nothing more important to master. This set is on our private Murrieta Supercross track, and each bump here is very steep. Before even entering the section, I come out of the bowl turn and immediately begin upshifting; the higher the gear, the better your suspension will work.

“Besides the higher gear, the other big setup key is to bring your weight way back. Of course, you need to be standing and in the attack position, but also make sure to get your butt well over the rear fender (1). As you do that, grip the bike very hard with your knees; this will help with the side-to-side movements and will keep you in better control (2). You want your weight on the balls of your feet and not on the arches, and keep your toes pointed slightly up so that they don’t catch any of the big bumps (3). “As for your upper body, keep your shoulders in line and grip the bars fairly hard to deal with all of the resistance you will encounter (4). A finger on the clutch is also a must, because you will need to give the bike a quick stab of power here and there to keep your rhythm going and also to keep the front end up (5). Your head should be up and looking towards the end of the section so you can react in time to variances in the whoops that will surely come (6). Last but not least, try not to let your front wheel dip down too far, or you’ll be taking a trip over the bars (7)!