Tuesday Tip: Body Positioning for Hard Straight-Line Braking

Watching pros ride is always fun, especially how they can flow and float through stuff that makes mere mortals flounder.

In these photos, Nick Wey is blasting through some small braking bumps while setting up for the next corner. These shots offer a good illustration of a couple different things:


  • Nick’s keeping his knees and elbows bent to allow them to flex and easily absorb the small choppy bumps. Locking them out would transmit a whole lot more of the bump forces to his torso, neck and head.


  • Notice how as he gets closer to the corner, Nick’s bracing himself for maximum stability (elbows up, bent at the waist, and knees gripping the seat), while shifting his weight back in anticipation of hard braking ahead. Since it’s mostly straight line braking, Nick can get hard on the front brake. By transferring more weight to the rear end, he can improve rear wheel braking by helping prevent the rear tire from locking up.