Tuesday Tip:
Finding Sponsors

We thought we’d try something a little different for this week’s Tuesday Tip. Instead of the usual riding techniques or mechanical know-how we normally cover, we’re going to answer the single most common question we get in the transworldmx.com email inbox; “how do I get sponsors?”

It would seem as simple as doing well in your local races, and the sponsors will just start flooding in. Unfortunately, anyone who has tried to secure sponsors knows it can be a lot more difficult than that. We asked Eric Knopf from MXSponsor.com to share some tips with you–the faithful TWMX reader–on how to find sponsors. Take it away, Eric…

Create a “Resume
It is very important to have a rider resume. Companies genuinely look at what races you compete in and what you plan on doing for the next year. They want to see how you placed in races and out of how many competitors. A good biography about who you are is also very important because companies want to know who will be representing them at the track. However, it is not required that you race every weekend. Companies are also looking for riders who will represent and promote them wherever they ride. If a company suspects that the rider is only in it to get discounts, and not willing to help the company promote, it will hurt the rider/company relationship.

Identify Potential Sponsors
Amateurs should start looking for sponsors in the fall when all the companies create their annual budgets for sponsorships. Amateurs can do a few things: First, you should start local by contacting local shops and dealers and talking to the shop manager about any sponsorship opportunities. Second, build a list of companies you want to get sponsored by and send them your resume by either snail mail or via email. Third, find a website that helps manage online resumes for companies. This involves building an online resume profile and then submitting it to companies electronically. More and more companies are using online sponsorship websites like MXSponsor.com to process resumes online. Many websites charge up front fees to submit resumes, but at MXsponsor.com it’s free to submit resumes to an unlimited number of companies, until you get sponsored.

Photos and Videos Help
Having good photos and videos as part of your resume is very important. Images are absolutely essential because you can tell a lot about a rider by looking at some action photos of them. Companies are able to see things like positioning, form and technique through images and video. Riders who submit images as well as video have a much better chance at getting sponsored over riders who don’t. Rider videos are relatively new, but are now starting to become more popular and really help companies see how you ride in action. This is helpful because rarely will you ever get a chance to meet a rider rep out at the track to watch you ride (unless you are really, really good).

The Internet Helps
Searching the web for “motocross sponsorships will return several websites, links, and articles that deal with how to get sponsored.

Also, be sure to remain a frequent visitor to TransWorldMX.com. As companies get ready to accept sponsorship resumes, they let us know here at TWMX and we post these announcements in our news section. A few recent announcements can be found in the upper right corner of this page, under “related.” Finally, don’t forget the most important factor in finding sponsors is to get out there and race. Racing often and getting good results is step one!