Tuesday Tip: Cutting Corners

Team Honda¿s Ernesto Fonseca on Changing Lines

We caught up with Ernesto Fonseca at the Honda test track a couple of weeks ago for a photo shoot, and while we waited for him to finish up his practice laps we noticed that he had a distinctly different line through one particular bowl corner than his new teammate Andrew Short did.

Instead of railing all the way around the built-up bowl berm, Ernie would cut the corner short and pivot right in the middle. ¿That turn is right before a gnarly whoop section,¿ explained Fonseca. ¿I don¿t prefer the left side of the whoops like Andrew does. I like the middle to the right because they are flatter and more even.¿

Though one could argue that squaring off a nice, smooth bowl berm is slower than flowing around it, Ernesto was quick to point out that in this instance¿where he wanted to take a different approach at an upcoming obstacle¿or if he were trying to pass the rider ahead of him, taking the non-traditional line is perfectly acceptable.

We¿ll let Ernie do the explaining from here on out¿