Tuesday Tip: Dodging Roost

There’s no doubt that reminding yourself to catch a few big breaths per lap can help you maintain your speed, especially when you starting to push the pace. But as Kevin Windham illustrated last weekend when a dirt clod caught in his throat caused him to vomit during the first moto, eating too much roost can have negative consequences on your results.


Of course some of the more popular methods of dodging roost include ducking down behind your visor, turning your head to the side, or using a roost deflector on the front of your helmet.

One tip used by mountain bikers in areas with lots of bugs (and if you’ve ever sucked down a bug, you know how unpleasant that experience can be) is to use your top lip to overlap your bottom lip. That way you can still breathe normally, but you eliminate a direct route to your throat and lungs.