Tuesday Tip: Don’t be One-Dimensional

In the past we’ve shown you cornering tips where riders sit flat on their seats and lean in while railing around rutted corners, and where they sit up more upright and weight the outside peg in flat corners. While out at Cahuilla Creek on a recent weekend, Doug Dubach reminded us that it’s not all one or the other.

“In a corner you’ll often roll your hips back and forth between the top of your seat and the outer edge, depending on the terrain and available traction. Your cornering style shouldn’t be one-dimensional.”

You can see how coming into this corner Doug has his weight forward and is centered on the seat. As the corner flattens out in the middle, he shifts more toward the outer edge and adds more weight to the outside peg. You can also see how he’s making small corrections throughout the rest of the corner, depending on the radius, terrain and available traction.






So for more speed and control, remember to keep your cornering style flexible, and not use a single technique.