Tuesday Tip: Don’t Follow The Leader

While watching at a local practice track, we noticed that nearly every rider was skating around on the notoriously slick So. Cal. hardpack in follow-the-leader fashion. One look at the inside of the corner shows the clearly defined goat path favored by the locals.


Meanwhile, James “Bubba” Stewart was straying well off the beaten path, powering through the loose stuff on the outside where lots of locals fear to tread, and laying down some blistering lap times. Of course, all this was on his second day back aboard his Chevy Trucks Kawasaki. Watching him work the looser stuff on the outside of the corner was a thing of beauty, as he ripped around the corner wide open, rather than just feeding the power on through the slippery hardpack.

By being creative in your line choices, you open up more options for passing. You’ll obviously never pass the riders in front of you if you just follow them around.

Look for more of Bubba later this week, when he’ll be the featured rider in our Thursday Theater.