Tuesday Tip: Eyes Up!

Watching pros and amateurs on the track at the same time is always interesting, especially when you start to compare their techniques through different sections. Want an example? Here are two shots that illustrate the difference between guys who are flying around the course, and guys who are mostly just in survival mode.

Example number one is Mike LaRocco, who’s floating through this whoop section. He’s looking well ahead up the track, and already lining up for the next corner. Of course, since he’s going much faster, he has to be looking further ahead.


Just by looking at his visor, you can tell that the rider in the shot above is pretty much only concentrating on what’s immediately in front of him. That not only makes it a lot harder to set up for the whoops that were still ahead, but also inhibited his ability to see whether there were any riders entering the track (the track entrance was just ahead)…and that doesn’t even account for lining up for the right-hander that followed.