Tuesday Tip: Foot/Peg Positioning

So where do you put your feet? Do you ride up on the balls of your feet? Or slide forward so that the arch of your foot is centered over the peg? We put that question to SoBe Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin.

“I always ride neutral, riding on my arches,” said Sean. “A lot of riding instructors feel that’s it might not be the greatest place to ride, and that you should ride on the balls of your feet, or whatever, but I ride there because I feel a little bit more neutral and I can move around a lot more. I don’t feel that I’m stuck in one spot and that I have to move my feet around.”


“I also think it keeps me in a perfect spot for my shifter. I don’t have to move my feet back and forth to shift or brake. It’s a perfect area for me.”


How about through ruts? What does Sean do there?

“I’ve never had a bad problem with my does dragging in ruts. There are the ones where you’re going down a straightaway, and for those I ride a little bit lighter on my feet, just in case my foot grabs that it’s not completely stuck on my peg, and it can kind of move up with the dirt if it needs to.”