Tuesday Tip: Gotta Keep ’em Separated

While cruising through the pits at A1, we ran into Damon Huffman’s old mechanic, John Turner, who is now working with Daniel Sani on the new MB1/Tokyo Mods/Fox team. Checking out Sani’s bike, we noticed a unique setup being used to keep the throttle cables apart, and quizzed John about them.  He told us, “Since the throttle cables use a push-pull system, if you keep them separated above the triple clamps, it keeps them from dragging. When they come together and get twisted, it takes a lot more time for the cables to return. The separators help things stay much more smooth and consistent.”

John continued, “It’s pretty simple to set up, Tokyo Mods supplies us with a couple separators, and it comes with a couple zip-ties. Loop it through one, feed it to the other side. Get them snug, not too tight so that it compromises the cable and you’re done. I’d say the performance of the cable is at least 40-50 percent better than stock.”