Tuesday Tip: Handling Silty Sweepers

While visiting Glen Helen on a recent mid-week afternoon, we spotted Stephane Roncada railing through some of the bone-dry sweepers, where the berms weren’t much more than powdery banks. Afterward, we hit him up for some of his tips on negotiating the silty sections. Fortunately, with the assistance of a tape recorder, we were able to to decipher the fast-talking Frenchman’s rapid-fire responses. (Imagine a French-accented Speedy Gonzalez, and you wouldn’t be far off from a typical conversation with RonRon).

Take it away, Stephane…

“For silty, powdery corners, you want to enter the berm pretty low, and hit the back brake to get the rear wheel to start around. You also want to get on the gas right away…actually way earlier than on a regular berm, because the sand will slow you down a lot as soon as you back off.”


“As far as steering, you are counter-steering, but you want to mostly turn with your back tire, not with your front tire. You shouldn’t have to fight the front end. If you do, it might knife in the sand, and you’ll go over the bars.”