Tuesday Tip: Headset Maintenance With Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Jon Mitcheff

If you’re like many of our riding buddies, keeping up with the general maintenance on your bike is about as fun as shopping with your better half. If you’re like a few of us here at the TWMX offices who actually enjoy and receive great pleasure in keeping our steeds in tip-top shape, however, then headset maintenance is already a part of your usual routine. If it’s not… Listen up!

When you rolled your shiny new bike off the showroom floor, chances are better than good that it lacked a high-quality headset-bearing grease. The thin assembly grease that the factories use to slap new steeds together with is not ample for the life and function of your machine. And although the bearings inside your headset are sealed pretty well, water and moister still find their way in, especially if you commonly use a pressure washer to keep your baby clean. The result? Less than smooth steering action may lead to a loose, sloppy mess as your dry bearings wear and begin to rattle like maracas. So why risk it, when in less than an hour’s time, you, with the help of Ryan Villopoto’s master mechanic Jon Mitcheff can freshen up the feel and function of your bike’s front end?

REQUIRED TOOLS: Ratchet and proper socket to fit front axle nut (varies bike to bike), torque wrench, 10mm socket, 8mm T-handle, proper-sized Allen wrench to fit front brake, wrench for the steering stem nut (usually a 32mm), steering stem lock nut wrench (channel locks or a hammer and punch will also work), contact cleaner, and waterproof bearing grease.