Tuesday Tip: Honda CRF450 Filter Changing

We all hate changing and cleaning air filters. It’s a dirty, mundane and boring job to do, but it’s a must. Here at TransWorld Motocross we will take any chance we can to make our most dreaded job a little easier. After all, why do something the hard way, especially if you hate doing it?

Recently, while working away in the garage with Papa Lutes, we were enlightened to the fact that changing the air filter doesn¿t always have to be a dirty job. All it takes is a simple twist and pull, and the filter comes right out of the tight air box, without dropping a massive amount of sand into the air boot.

Below is a technique that will make changing a stock Honda CRF450 filter much easier, the next time you dive in with the rubber gloves.


Here’s what a stock Honda filter looks like. On top there are three small tabs. These tabs, as it turns out, aren¿t just for looks. They help to line up the filter when installing it and removing it. Now, we realize that not everyone rides red, however, the Honda CRF450 has one of the tightest air boxes around, and needless to say we decided to conquer this bike before moving onto the easier ones. Look closely at the other bikes, though, as this technique should work just the same on them.


Loosen the wingnut bolt that holds the filter in place. Slowly pull the filter away from the mounting surface, and take care not to drop any dirt into the air boot.


Begin to turn the filter counter-clock-wise until the double tabs are lined up with the top of the air box. Be sure not to snag any part of the filter on the air box when turning it, as this can tear the air filter and possibly drop dirt into the air boot.


Begin lifting the filter out of the air box. At the same time twist the filter counter-clock-wise until it is parallel with the subframe rails. When this is done the filter should lift right out.


Lift the filter out of the air box. You still must be careful not to drop any sand or debris into the air boot of the air box; if some sand happens to slip by be sure to clean it out thoroughly. Once you have a clean filter to reinstall, just repeat all of these steps, only do it backwards.