Tuesday Tip: Industrial-Strength Sweat Protection

While out at a photo shoot a while back, we watched as the day’s intended subject was getting his gear ready. Prior to putting on his helmet, he reached into a small box, pulled out something, peeled the adhesive backing, and stuck it on the padding of his helmet in his brow area. Upon closer inspection we discovered that they were actually panty liners. “Hey, I’m not the only one who does it,” said the rather embarrassed pro.

He’s right. Since then we’ve noticed more than a few factory riders getting in touch with their feminine sideā€¦or at least using formerly feminine-only products to soak up sweat. Some put them inside their helmets (we’ve seen multiples, and even stacked), while others wrap them around the foam on the brow end of their goggles.


So despite what ESPN The Magazine may think (when motocrossers didn’t make their list of toughest sports), we all know MXers are athletes. They also sweat like real athletes. On the national level, with some of the long motos, and with the temperatures and humidity rising, there’s no way riders can go a whole moto without sweating through their helmet liner, and goggle foam. And it’s kind of hard to see when sweat is running into your eyes, or streaming down the inside of your goggles.

So for inexpensive and effective sweat protection, you know what to do. Just remember (to borrow a line from another product) they’re strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.