Tuesday Tip: Keeping A Finger At The Ready

While watching sitting with a well-known teacher of MX skills last weekend as the 250cc class was on the track, it was interesting to listen to his commentary on the riding skills of a few of the riders on the track. As one well-known two-digit pro blasted by, he pointed out, “Listen to him in and out of the corners. Can you believe that he hardly ever touches the clutch lever?” Of course, clutch use isn’t nearly as vital on the big bikes as it is on the small-bores, but at a minimum, keeping a finger at the ready is important? Why?

  • In case you need to grab it to prevent from stalling the engine during hard braking.
  • In case you need to quickly pull it in when the guy in front of you gives you a brake check midway through a corner.
  • In case you find yourself a gear high coming out of a corner, and need to slip the clutch to quickly build some revs.

Index or middle, one finger or two, that’s all personal preference. But keep that finger ready on the clutch…it’ll definitely come in handy.