Tuesday Tip: Lining Up Ruts

This week’s technique supermodel is Tim Ferry, who Swap captured earlier this year at Hangtown.


Coming into this corner, Tim gets his braking done, and starts looking ahead to the exit of the corner, where he’s presented with a wide array of ruts. By the third shot, he’s already picked out the particular rut that he wants to hit, and in the fourth shot you can see how he squares up the end of the corner to get lined up perfectly for it. That should be one of your major goals with ruts like these…to make sure you’re lined up as straight as possible. At this point he’s also already looking well ahead on the track (not focused on his front tire), and since he’s lined up straight with the rut, he’s hard on the gas.

Going through the rut, Tim works on staying loose, so that he’s able to quickly react to whatever his big thumper might do. He’s also got the balls of his feet on the pegs, to try and minimize the chance of hooking his toes on the sides of the rut. After that it’s a straight flight on to the next obstacle.