Tuesday Tip: Minimizing Small Kicker Jumps

Here’s an intermediate to pro-level tip for sections where you have a small kicker jump in front of a bigger jump…something you’ll frequently find on supercross-style circuits. The two main goals for this technique are consistency (being able to do the same thing lap after lap), and to stay low so you can set up for whatever’s after the bigger jump. SoBe Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin is in charge of the description and riding demo.

“The most consistent thing for me to do on a supercross track is to wheelie and set the front wheel down right on top of the first jump. That way, the suspension is basically already settled into the stroke, so you can absorb the jump with your legs and everything and stay a little lower. It gives me a good even stroke to get over the double and set up for whatever’s next. But if you let the front wheel down on the backside of the smaller jump, your suspension will already be uncompressed when you hit the big one.”

Note: If you’re going to try this technique, make sure that you carry the front end all the way to the top of the first jump. If it drops into the face of the smaller jump, you could get a nasty kick into the bigger one.

Sean continues, “Sometimes with a jump like this it’s not so steep to where you have to wheelie it. If this were more of an outdoor-style track I’d come up to it faster, soak up the little jump with my arms, legs and suspension, and then hit the bigger one.”