Tuesday Tip: Positive Pressure For CRF450 Water Pump Seals

Last week while checking out the new ’06 Honda CRF450R, one of the updated and improved parts that the Honda crew showed us was a new water pump impeller. No, it doesn’t pump more water. No, it doesn’t add horsepower. No, it’s not constructed from some sexy exotic new material. So what’s the difference? In the past, the water pump seal has been somewhat less durable than both Honda and CRF450 owners would have liked. The old design was creating a vacuum that was causing the seals to leak. By adding a small hole to the impeller, it not only equalized the pressure behind the impeller, it actually creates a little positive pressure, which helps maintain a much better seal, and a lot fewer leaks.

So what does that mean for riders of older CRF450s? Well, the good news is, after some checking, the Honda guys discovered that the ’06 part will retrofit onto any prior year CRF450, so for a few bucks, you can help insure that your water pump seal will last longer.

The part number for the new item is: 19215-MEN-850.