Tuesday Tip: Pre-Jumping Drop-Offs

There was a new section at Glen Helen last weekend that provided some really interesting spectating. A fast straight led to about a three-story drop-off. It was too fast to scrub, and some guys were flying off the main lip and landing waaaay down the drop near the flat bottom. Then there were a second group of riders (like Josh Grant, who’s demoing it here) who were opting to use a rise before the flat takeoff to pre-jump the flat takeoff. They were flying longer, but much lower, and landing earlier on the drop. They were also hitting it faster, because they didn’t have to roll out of the throttle or brake on the takeoff.

The big thing to note on this technique is that you have to make sure to clear the lip, or as Josh said later, “You really have to make sure you find the right bump to jump off of to clear the lip. If you hit it wrong, you’ll catch the lip on the drop-off, and it’ll bounce you even further out.”