Tuesday Tip: Race Day Practice Tips

When you’re practicing at a race, do you treat it as just another moto? Well, the last time we checked, they don’t award any points for practice championships, so you’re better off trying to use your track time more effectively. If you really want to “win” practice, here are a few tips:

  • Break the track into sections. Some are easier than others. Save your energy through the easier parts, and concentrate on the sections you’re having trouble with. Also start looking for different lines where you can set up passing opportunities, or sections where you think you can trim large chunks from your lap times.


  • Watch your competitors. Do you want to see how they’re doing a particular section? Find a safe place to pull off to the side, and watch how they negotiate it.
  • Have someone videotape you (and your competitors) and watch it afterwards. Nearly every factory rider we know spends time watching video after a practice.
  • Unless you’re a pro, save the real racing for your motos. Sure, after you’ve dialed in the individual sections, linking together some fast laps is good, but remember that practice is a great way to burn energy. Use it as a warm-up.