Tuesday Tip: Railing Corners with Andrew Short

This week we checked in with Motoworldracing.com’s Andrew Short, to get some of his tips on how to rail around corners.


“The fastest way to brake is in a straight line, because that way you can apply the most power to the brakes. The biggest thing coming into the corners is setting up, and getting all your braking done before the corner.”

In The Corner

“Once you get in, if it’s a soft turn you want your body to be in line with the bike, because that way you’re digging into the ground. Whereas, if you’re going around a flat corner you want to weight the outside footpeg and sit up more vertically, so the tire is squatting on the ground.”



“Most of the time you’re up forward on the bike so you don’t loop out under hard acceleration, but your weight is centered so you’re carrying momentum as you’re digging in and hooking up.”

Clutch Player

“You want to keep a finger on the clutch because normally when you hit soft stuff it’s going to bog down, so that way you can get the RPMs back up, especially coming out of it when you straighten up. You need to clutch it.”



“To round the corner in soft stuff you can’t square it, because when you square it or pivot in the corner you lose all your momentum, so you want to try to be smooth around the corner like an Indy car. The smoother you are, the more momentum you’ll carry around it and down the straightaway.”