Tuesday Tip: Setting Up A Bike for A Taller Rider

This week instead of a riding tip, we talked to Travis Preston’s mechanic, Shawn Ulikowski, to find out what he has to do to fit the lanky 6′ 3″ Preston onto his CRF250R. If you’re vertically gifted like Travis, you may be interested in “borrowing” some of these settings for yourself. Take it away, Shawn…


“Travis runs a standard subframe, and a tall seat that SDG custom-makes for us. It’s an inch and three quarters taller than stock.”

“He uses bar pins that are 5mm taller, and his bar mounts are a little bit forward from stock.”

“Bars are Renthal 977s. It’s a straight bend that’s a little taller than stock.”

“Pegs are in the stock position. The seat and the bar position is definitely the biggest deal in Travis’s setup.”