Tuesday Tip: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

We’ve all been there. There are times when you’re riding and despite your best efforts you know a crash is imminent. Do you stay with the bike? Or bail off to get away from 200+  pounds of metal, plastic and rubber? We put that question to Sean Hamblin, Michael Byrne and Andrew Short to get their takes.

Sean Hamblin: It depends. Most of the time it’s better to stay on the bike because you can usually pull it out. But at times you definitely have to get as far away from the bike as possible. Like my Glen Helen crash last year (when Sean met a spinning back tire) I tried getting away from it, but the bike just kind of followed me. I kind of got screwed in that instance.


Michael Byrne: It depends on what jump I’m on. If it’s a triple and I’m going over the bars, I’ll probably get off. Especially if the rear end is high enough that it’s easy to step over the bars. But if it’s not, I’ll stay on it¿like over normal jump like a double. Just try and stay with it as long as you can.


Andrew Short: Stick with it. I broke my tib/fib in Arenacross on an 80 bailing off. So ever since then, I try to stay with the bike.